4-Cylinder race moved to October 31st with Trailer Treat!

– any questions – contact Edgar Spencer


** Drivers who are preregistered who are not present or who have not checked in with the office prior to the start of the drivers meeting will forfeit their preregistered position and will be moved to the rear.


1. Any 4-cylinder vehicle may compete. Sunroofs and T-roofs must be covered. No convertibles. No full size trucks. Roofs may not be gutted. Interior must be gutted including carpet, glass, mirrors. No headlights, no brake lights, no outside mirrors.
2. All vehicles must be BONE STOCK. No racing parts of any kind allowed. All wheels must be stock and the same. Have no less than a 3-inch offset, no more than 7 inches wide.
3. Stock air cleaners only. No aftermarket airboxes.
4. You may not run any aftermarket performance carburetors including a Holly #4412.
5. Cars must be able to have a minimum of 14 psi of vacuum at its lowest point @ 850 RPM.
6. All glass, plastic and flammable items must be removed. Stock windshield is mandatory, or a screen (screen can be no more than ½ inch in size) or lexan, with a min of 3 supports. NO gutting of vehicle structures placed by the factory (you cannot skin doors, hoods, trunks, roofs).
7. Doors must be bolted, welded or chained shut.
8. Bumpers should be wired or chained on.
9. Mandatory brace behind driver’s seat from side to side, bolted or welded, plus door bar and/or rub rail mandatory. Must be flush against body without sharp edges.
10. Approved helmet, neck brace or collar and gloves are mandatory.
11. Trunks must be empty and clear of debris. No added weight anywhere. Trunk lids may NOT be gutted.
12. Hood must be securely fastened with inside hood release disabled. Hoods may NOT be gutted. A 12” hole in hood is required, in case of fire. Hood should be tool-less entry.
13. Rear wheel drive vehicles must have front hoop on drive shaft.
14. Exhaust must exit behind driver.
15. Fuel Tank: A stock tank is allowed to stay if forward of the rear wheels. May be moved to trunk. It is highly suggested tanks behind the rear wheels be moved. Must be divider between driver and fuel tank. Fuel cells are also allowed.
16. D.O.T. tires only. Wheel weights must be removed. ALL WHEELS (not tires) MUST BE THE SAME SIZE. SNOW TIRES ARE NOT ALLOWED.
17. No modification of suspension allowed. No more than 1 inch of camber. No spring rubbers.
18. Stock 3-point seatbelt allowed. 4 or 5 point racing belts are recommended.
19. Factory heater and windshield wipers may be used.
20. All vehicles must have area to mount transponders, must be mounted on passenger floor board. Center on center, also must be able to see racetrack.
21. Air bags MUST be removed from vehicles.
22. Only ONE car per race, per driver, per division. You may not switch cars once the race is underway.

NO ANTIFREEZE! Anyone caught with antifreeze will be subject to a $75 fine.

All drivers MUST have a DOT approved helmet, neck brace and gloves. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are not properly covered, you will not be allowed to race and will forfeit any monies that have already paid.

** Do not assume anything not listed here is legal without first talking with the Tech Official. Track contact information is on the website. STOCK is what this class is designed to be and STOCK is what you must conform to. 

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